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Canada-Ontario Agreement
Memorandum of Cooperation

On May 5th, 2009, the Great Lakes Mayors and Chairs Committee presented their report, ‘At the Shoreline: A Mayors’ Collaborative Action Plan to Protect the Great Lakes’, to the Ontario Ministers of Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs at the first Provincial-Municipal Great Lakes Summit in Toronto.

The report consists of a five point action plan and key recommendations to forge a stronger relationship and strategic coordination among all governments to protect and promote the Great Lakes.  The five action items involve collaborative efforts to:

1. Create a tripartite table to coordinate federal, provincial and municipal actions and investments to protect the Great Lakes

2. Improve and promote beaches, natural areas, waterfronts, trails and tourism;

3. Attack nuisance and toxic algae;  

4. Reduce stormwater and sewage discharges entering the Great Lakes, in light of climate change and technical innovations;

5. Build a business case for and measure results from Great Lakes investments.  

Click here to download the following COA MOC documents:

  • Comments on COA extension submitted to Minister of the Environment (February 23, 2011)

•  Report Summary
•  Full Report (1 MB)

•  Press Release May 2009 Summit

•  Backgrounder  May 2009 Summit


At the June 1, 2010 Summit, Ministers and Mayors met for the second time to discuss collaborative efforts on the Great Lakes. At this meeting. Mayors and Ministers also renewed the Canada Ontario Memorandum of Cooperation for an additional two years (2010-2012). This reflects support for continuing the collaboration between municipalities and the provincial government on the Great Lakes.

"Ontario values its partnership with municipalities in working to protect the Great Lakes. This is a critical year to gather input from our municipal partners as we start to work with our federal partners to develop the next Canada-Ontario Agreement. We want to make sure that the municipal voice is reflected in the next agreement."

—    John Gerretsen, Ontario Minister of the Environment

The following site also includes background on the COA MOC, the committee process established under the COA MOC, and summaries of discussions to keep Ontario municipalities informed of the dialogue between your municipal representatives at the table and Ontario Government officials.

New Cities Activity on the Great Lakes

What is the COA MOC?

What is the Canada-Ontario Agreement?

COA MOC Process

Issues & Priority Areas Under Discussion

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