Pharmaceuticals and Products Framework

  The Cities Initiative Pharmaceuticals and Products Framework is a voluntary program through which cities endorse the concept of producer responsibility for Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCP) collection and disposal. Through the Framework, the Cities Initiative and participants will aim to:
1. Reduce the amount of PPCPs that are improperly disposed of and get into our waterways

2. Advocate for national or provincial legislation on PPCPs that advances the concept of extended producer responsibility.

3. Advocate for environmental testing of pharmaceuticals as part of U.S. and Canadian drug approval processes.

4. Help local government act where federal, state, provincial, or industry action is inadequate to address proper collection and disposal of PPCPs

The Cities Initiative will advance these goals by developing and implementing a campaign to advance the concepts of producer responsibility and environmental testing.  Cities can share best practices and knowledge on PPCP collection and disposal efforts and register their collection activities. This will demonstrate the role of local governments and the need for producers to take responsibility.  Tracking the cost of pharmaceutical collection programs will also be conducted to demonstrate the costs incurred at the municipal level.


Overview of Framework

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