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The Cities Initiative has chosen stormwater management as its first priority area under its Green CiTTS program.

The Cities of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence are already leading the way in reducing the amount of stormwater entering the water and improving the quality of stormwater entering the lakes and rivers. The Green CiTTS program will assist its members to promote their ongoing work, and to provide support to help them take further action.

Stormwater run-off is one of the leading contributors of pollution into the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence, particularly in sensitive nearshore areas.

Stormwater is not clean rainwater. As it runs across dirty surfaces, it collects nutrients, toxics, heavy metals and petroleum products, and carries them into our lakes and rivers. As urban growth intensifies and climate change causes more frequent and more severe storminess, the contribution of stormwater run-off to poor water quality in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence basin is expected to increase significantly.

With changing weather patterns caused by climate change, there will be an increasing threat of sudden flooding that may pose a danger to public safety in some areas. As 100+ year storms become more frequent, stormwater conveyance systems can become overwhelmed and dangerous flooding situations can arise. 

For more information on the Cities Initiative's Green CiTTS program to promote and support action on stormwater, please click on the links below.

Under the Green CiTTS program, the Cities Initiative...

  • Is helping municipalities secure funding for pilot stormwater projects

  • Is providing webinars and training on select stormwater projects        

  • Is working with partners who specialize in stormwater management       

  • Is gathering information and best practices from member municipalities on their ongoing stormwater management initiatives       

  • Is bestowing awards on members who demonstrate leadership in innovative stormwater solutions        

  • Has created a Stormwater Advisory Group to advise the Cities Initiative on the development and implementation of the stormwater program.

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