Dune Swales Project at North Beach, City of Racine, Wisconsin  (April 2009)

Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Clean Beaches Initiative to encourage use of sanitary surveys at beaches (Spring 2008) 

Chicago Beach Testing and Efforts to Reduce Swimming Bans (October 2003)

Racine Beach Grooming Tactics to Reduce Swimming Bans (October 2003)

Pollution Reduction

Clean Your Streams Program  Toledo, Ohio (March 2009) 


Mercury Reduction, City of Superior, Wisconsin (February 2005)

Restoration | Prevention

Drinking Water Quality, Toronto, Ontario (September 2005)

Stormwater | Wastewater

Cities Initiative Green CITTS Stormwater Program - Best Practices

Green Pipeline to Fuel Water Reclamation Facility, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, (March 2009)

National Biosolids Partnership- Environmental Management System, City of Grand Rapids, Michigan (March 2009) Certification.

High Rate Treatment Facility, City of Niagara Falls, Ontario (March 2009)

Onsite Sewage System Reinspection Program, Township of Tiny, Ontario (February 2009)

Downspout Disconnection Program, City of Thunder Bay, Ontario  (March 2009)

East End Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (February 2009)

Stormwater Management Planters, City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (February 2009)

Combined Sewer Overflow History and Abatement, Cityof Grand Rapids (September 2006)

Rochester New York Pure Waters District Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement Program (CSOAP), City of Rochester, NY (October 2005)

25-year Wet Weather Flow Management Master Plan, Toronto, Ontario (September 2005)

Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement Program, City ofErie, PA (August 2005)

Sediment Demonstration Project, City of Duluth, MN (May 2005)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, Traverse City, MI (August 2005)

Sediment Traps, City of Duluth, MN (May 2005)

Stormwater Education, City of Superior, Wisconsin (February 2005)

Stormwater Flood Control Pilot Program, City of Superior, Wisconsin (February 2005)

Stormwater Best Management Practices, Chicago, Illinois (December 2004)

Re-engineering Storm Sewer Outfall Mechanism toReduce Bacterial Contamination to Surface Water, Racine Wisconsin (December 2003)

Does your city have a best practice to share?  If so, please use the GLSLCI Best Practices template to provide us with a brief overview and send it to Melissa Soline at melissa.soline@glslcities.org.