Root River Environmental Education Center, City of Racine, Wisconsin (April 2009)

Reducing Urban Pesticide Use Through Education and Legislation, City of Toronto
(August 19, 2008)

Redesigning the Governance Structure of the Great Lakes: A Report to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative
by Mauricio Gonzalez, MPP and Duncan Kisia, MPP of the University of Chicago, Irving B. Harris School of Public Policy (June 29, 2007)

The Great Lakes: An Analysis of Federal Specific,Federal General and State Programs by Braulia Espinosa, Kara Knack and Ginger Pitch of the University of Illinois Chicago (May 3, 2007)

Outdoor lawn watering advertising and information campaign, Toronto, Ontario
(September 2005)

Educational outreach program, City of Duluth, MN (May 2005)

Stormwater Education, City of Superior, Wisconsin (February 2005)

Grass Roots Water Education Campaign: Rain Garden and Rain Barrel Pilot Projects,
Chicago, Illinois (December 2004)

Water Education Campaign, Chicago, Illinois (December 2004)

 The Confluence of Water, Society & Ecological Design: Issues & Recommendations for Great Lakes City Action (May 2005)

City of Chicago Invasive Species Ordinance (July 2007)



Rules and Regulations


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