2012 Annual meeting and Conference

Hosted by the Québec Metropolitan Community

Québec City, Québec ~ June 26th- 28th, 2012

~Summary of 2012 Annual Meeting and Conference~

Press Documents

Mayors make 'Declaration on Water Sustainability' to protect water resources: Cities receive awards for water conservation, pollution prevention



2012 Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Resolutions

  1. Shoreline Invasive Plant Species
  2. Sediment Management
  3. Proposed listing of Silver Lamprey as a species of 'special concern' under the Species at Risk Act (SARA)
  4. Support for Urban and Rural Stormwater Management in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin
  5. Sustainable Municipal Water Management
  6. Development of Ontario's Great Lakes Protection Act
  7. Keeping Asian Carp Out of the Great Lakes
  8. Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
  9. Shale Gas Exploration, Extraction and Treatment Activities and the Role of Local Government



Keynote Address - Julie Payette

Keynote Address - Commissioner Dereth Glance, IJC

Shoreline Communities and the Marine Industry: Challenges and Opportunities

Changes in the Nearshore: Ideas for your community

Sustainable Municipal Water Management