2004 Annual Meeting & Conference

Chicago, IL 

July 14 - 16, 2004

Conference Resolutions

  • Resolution 1: Great Lakes Cities Initiative & International Association of Great Lakes & St. Lawrences Mayors collaboration
  • Resolution 2: Support for aquatic invasive species prevention and legislation
  • Resolution 3: Combined sewer overflows
  • Resolution 4: Mercury contamination from power plants
  • Resolution 5: Water levels in Lake Michigan, Huron and Georgian Bay
  • Resolution 6: Swimming Bans
  • Resolution 7: Affirming the important role of Mayors in Great Lakes policy
  • Resolution 8: Improved coordination among federal agencies

Conference program

Conference agenda


U.S. EPA Administrator Leavitt

Governor Doyle of Wisconsin

Waterfront Cleanup:

Waterfront Development & Recreation:

Water & Port Security:

Stormwater Management & Nonpoint Source Runoff:

Beach Management:

Invasive Species:

  • Marcia Jimenez

Climate Change:

Protecting & Restoring our Great Lakes:

Greening of the Great Lakes:

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